Level 3, a new commercial order.

In today’s reality, the buying behaviour of customers has changed. Customers have informed themselves online about the products and services they want to acquire before even meeting with a sales rep. The decision-making unit is more complex, and customers are demanding more and expect a total solution and the best buying experience. What is the impact of all of this on the sales professional?

In addition to this change in buying behaviour, you have to deal with the current economic situation. Until recently the sky was the limit and there was enough demand for almost every supplier in a specific market. But now there is intense competition again. And the market demand will barely grow in many sectors in the near future. The average customer is, therefore, more careful when spending his euros, without proof of direct added value he will not spend it. Only the suppliers who can deliver the most tangible and convincing added value will win in this competitive situation.

Only the winner gets the deal! So, you’re either a hero or a zero. With an old school approach to sales, you will not win. This requires the next level on- and offline sales: LEVEL 3.



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